First night in Tallinn

Let’s set the scene. I’m in my hostel’s common space with two three individuals whom I do not know. None of us are talking to each other. There’s an Estonian lady knitting next to me and it seems she just finished an oat breakfast of sorts. She’s also watching the news or something on her laptop.


There’s this man probably mid twenties to my left and his friend just joined him (that makes 4 of us in this room right now). She’s this girl I bumped into when she was hustling out of her hostel room. They’re speaking Spanish, but I don’t want to assume country of origin. (First asian guy spotted! 9:20 is not poppin’ in the common space, 9:30 is poppin. Our count is now seven total people. Asian man is eating a huge tub of yogurt. #hostellife)

Things I did on my first night:

  1. Landed at 22:30 in Tallinn Airport to a gorgeous sunset! Yes the sun was setting that late!
  2. Exchanged USD for Euros so I could mobilize my ass and catch a taxi to my hostel
  3. Checked into my hostel
  4. Took one of the most cathartic showers. It was clean and refreshing, it doesn’t matter that the water stream was shy of a steady piddle.
  5. I’m staying in a room that can occupy 14 people, but only two of us slept in there last night.
  6. Watched an episode of Kimmy Schmidt
  7. I was the only one in the room from 11:30-12:30, then a friend joined me.
  8. Yes, I made a friend! She’s Australian and we had a lovely chat, too bad she’s leaving today. She was so cool though, she’s about to go live in the Estonian wilderness in some kind of no waste/eco retreat for a few weeks.
  9. Went to bed

I’m on a breakfast hunt currently. I need my covfefe and maybe a pastriestrie.


I think I’m just going to try walking around the Old Town to see what I find. I need to do some emailing ASAP. So much to do, so little time!

Bye for now. Hopefully there will be pictures in these posts starting soon.

First night in Tallinn

If you say “no way!” in an Australian accent, it kind of sounds like Norway.

Hi friends,

I hope your summer breaks are all going well. I feel like most people have already started their summer projects (internships, jobs, research), and I’m just getting started. g01ye

I landed in Oslo, Norway about 30 minutes ago a few hours ago at this point, and I’ll be hanging here for a few hours 30 more minutes before I catch my plane to Tallinn. To clarify for those of you who don’t know, I’m en route to Tallinn, Estonia, where I will be staying for the next five weeks. Here are the FAQ’s:

Where’s Estonia? Is that in Africa?
Nope, you’re thinking of Ethiopia, but good guess! Estonia is a smol little Baltic country, squished between Russia, the Gulf of Finland, and Latvia.

What do they speak there?
Estonian! Sillypants!
Follow-up 1: Is Estonian related to Russian? 
Hah! Think Finnish.
Follow-up 2: So will you be learning the language since it’s so hard?
I’ll be trying my best. I’m taking a language course at Tallinn University for 3 weeks. If I can count, find the bathroom, and/or converse with a 3 year old, I’ll consider it a success.
Follow-up 3: Do people at least speak English pretty well?
Totes mcgoats, my friend. I will be gucci.

So why Estonia?
Did you know that there’s a country that cares about choir as much as I do? YEAH, it’s Estonia!
Say what now?
Yeah, so Estonia has this huuugggee mass singing culture that was low-key stolen from German tradition (or rather imposed by Estonian German elites) when nationalism swept through Europe in the 19th Century. Since then, they host these mass singing festivals that now occur in five year cycles. There is a youth festival and a regular errybody festival. This summer, 2017, is a youth festival year, and I’ll be attending! I hope to interview people involved in the festival ranging from administrators, conductors, singers, and spectators. This is the next big step in my senior thesis adventure.

Are you going with a program?
Negative. My intensive language course will be a formal program, but I’ll be on my own for two and a half weeks before then.

Are you or your parents paying for this?
Nope! Good ol’ MHC’s LYNK funding! The goal is to spend relatively nothing out of pocket.

So this is about all I can manage for now. I’m super tired because I was stuck in the unfortunate hell that is “the middle seat” on a 10 hour plane ride and I haven’t slept much. Nap time at the airport!


Actual footage of me rn.

If you say “no way!” in an Australian accent, it kind of sounds like Norway.