Today was the first time I missed wearing a regatta suit.

Unfinished blog post. It should have been published on 7.1.17. Back to the post… 

Regatta suits are these hideous devices that keep smol ferocious friends insulated, buoyant, and visible. They also have many secret pockets.

Let me explain. Yesterday and today I sat at the song festival grounds and just watched rehearsal all day long without moving in a very not warm nor dry Estonian summer. I tried to think of the last time I was that cold and miserable and all I could think of were early spring practices where I would nudge large hunks of ice out of the way in order to dodge a Titanic situation.

This weekend is the festival weekend! Like the weekend I’ve been waiting for for the last year (and arguably since I was a young child, but you know, whatever. nbd.) No, NOT NO BIG DEAL. YES BIG DEAL.

Have you ever heard the sound of 25,000 voices in sonorous harmony? Neither have I. I didn’t stay for that part of the rehearsal. But I heard 14,000 today so that was pretty awesome!

I conducted my first interview today, meaning I have received information, but haven’t had the time to digest it yet. There was a substantial language barrier, so my ridiculously cool thesis advisor stepped in and saved the day.

It was so interesting to see the way the festival was put together. It reminded me of the choral festivals I attended as a child… there were many. I also sympathized a lot with the conductors. Many of them had just finished their MAs. Then they were thrown onto the podium in front of thousands of singers. No one learns how to handle an ensemble of thousands. It was amazing though. You need some serious pedagogical chops and confidence to do that.

Tomorrow is the real deal. I’m psyched.


Today was the first time I missed wearing a regatta suit.

3 thoughts on “Today was the first time I missed wearing a regatta suit.

  1. Chenyue Lu says:

    Which one would you choose? Conducting 14,000 Estonian teenage singers after a Master’s education full-time or conducting 20 older gay men as a college junior part-time?


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