Like. I’m really sorry. I haven’t posted since my first week here and I have just over a week left. I will try my very best to post at least once a day from here till the end of my trip. This is more of a promise to myself; you definitely don’t care about the regularity of my posts… except for maybe my mom. Hi Mom! A few weeks ago I did most of my writing in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep. I eventually acclimated to the wicked early sunrise.

So let’s start where we left off. I will finish my half written blog posts in addition to composing new ones. Here’s a quick recap, details to come.

  • Laulupidu has come and gone. I’m still processing.
  • I took a short trip to Saaremaa.
  • I finally stopped hostel hopping and moved into a studio apartment.
  • I started my language course! This is no surprise, but Estonian is difficult.
  • I visited Narva, Toila, and Lahemaa.
  • My groove has just begun, and I am not ready to leave.



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