i got my first “你好” today.

I replied, “I’m American, but… Hey!” Because I need friends.

So most of you who went abroad went with a program, yeah? So like someone orchestrated a group of confused college travelers and let you all be confused together! I feel like that experience is slightly different than mine. The reminder that I’m “alone alone” is gently pawing the back of my head, but I’m not lonely—at least not yet. Most people in the hostel are traveling with people, and some are here in large groups.

The rest of my room showed up today. They’re a party of 8 and they’re in Tallinn for another family member’s graduation. Last night they spent the night camping on the coast, thus they weren’t in the room, and I had the luxury sharing the room with just with my Australian friend (however brief that friendship was).

I spent a lot of my day meandering the Old Town and its outskirts. It still hasn’t fully hit me that I’m in Tallinn… Weeks ago I would imagine my life here and now that I’m living it, I don’t think I’ve really processed it. It’s just surreal right now. Also check this view out.


Look, you can see the Song Festival grounds in the background! This view already took my breath away, but when I realized I was staring at the grounds from a distance, time just kind of stopped. It’s a sight I’ve seen so many times online, but the first time you see it in person it’s just unreal, especially when you’re not expecting to see it! I was so used to perceiving it as if it were fictional—a figment of my imagination. Now my brain has materialized it and man does it feel crazy. This must be how little children feel when they visit Disneyland for the first time and see all their fave Disney characters. Yes, you caught me, I just made an analogy comparing Kim in Tallinn to a child at Disneyland.


Tomorrow I think I’m going on a walking tour and maybe I’ll check out the nightlife. Since Jaanipäev is this weekend, it might be dead in the town; most people evacuate the city and take to the wilderness or the sea.

We’ll sea *wink wink* where I end up for the weekend!

Maybe I should write a post about intersectionality since the title of this post includes a greeting in a language I have lost proficiency in, but due to my face and stature, I look like I should speak that language. Stay tuned.


My parents saying goodbye to me at the airport (just kidding).


i got my first “你好” today.

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